Which CM tool offers the biggest bang for the buck?

This is a question that we are often asked at the Tribe. While all PdM tools will always provide plenty of ROI if properly implemented over time, there are a couple that will provide significant returns for a very small outlay. One of these is the humble strobe light. For a few hundred dollars and in the hands a trained technician this simple tool can save hundreds of thousands of dollars. Given to an operator (trained in its use), this tool can enhance the quality of the work requests/notifications provided by providing details of the specific problems. Observations like damaged belts or pulleys, torn or worn elastomers in couplings, grease leaking from couplings, dirt build up on motors and fans along with a host of others can be quickly identified and then acted upon. The better the quality of the work request/notification the better the quality of the entire work management system. In the hands of a PM mechanic or technician, traditional time consuming down-day PMs such as coupling/belt inspections can be  performed on the run saving valuable down-day manhours for other improvement activities. We should all consider using a strobe light as part of our reliability toolbox. For more info on how to use a strobe light check out this clip from our app 


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