Implementing Precision MaintenAnCE creating a strategy

The first step in creating the strategy is to sit down with all interested parties and stakeholders and answer the question what are we trying to achieve? From the answer to that question we can develop a business intent statement. Notice I specifically stay away from the terms mission and vision statements. This is because all too often mission and vision statements contain wonderful prose but really don’t say anything concrete that ties employees to the intent. To be effective these intent statements must not only set the overarching goal, but also directly connect the employees to it. 

“Continuously improve the Operations and Maintenance of our Plant Assets to become “The Best XYZ Company in the World.” We will employ various methodologies and processes so that productivity and uptime is maximized, total costs are minimized while producing consistent quality production therefore increasing profitability.”

 This intent statement not only defines the ultimate goal but identifies the tactics to be used to get there. Notice how each of the tactics included (methodologies, productivity and uptime, costs, quality and profitability) are all measurable and can therefore be used to track progress and demonstrate the value of the work. 

For more on this read the full article here and here is a link to a short video that explains the thinking

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