Reliability Solutions in the Field


Bits of Information Task-Specific (BITS) micro-learning videos are designed for operators, maintenance personnel, and all who perform reliability tasks. Each BIT provides performance support for specific tasks. This focus on specific skills ensures that jobs get done right the first time. Every BIT is just one-to-two minutes long but provides the needed instruction, on-demand. These may be viewed right on the job site, on any connected smartphone, tablet, or mobile device, no classroom time required. Reliability Solutions is committed to building a comprehensive library of BITS that will enhance productivity, provide immediate assistance, and help ensure effective and efficient operations. Your subscription includes access to this growing resource.

Reliability Solutions the app

Yes there is an App for that… All the key classroom learnings and procedures available at your fingertips, when you need them wherever you are. Hundreds of step by step instructional videos for every reliability task imaginable.

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