Implementing Precision maintenance

A lot of reliability practitioners perceive Precision Maintenance® as just maintaining machines the right way. As long as we train our technicians and give them the latest shiny tools we will be successful. While training and tools are certainly necessary parts of a successful program, there are a lot of other processes that need to happen if the value and return on investment is to be realized. It’s not just a case of doing maintenance better and your problems are over. 

There are therefore 4 main steps in implementing Precision Maintenance®

  1. Creating the Strategy which includes setting strategic intent, overall goals and defining business case.  This step will also define the tactics along with associated goals and metrics.
  2. Building the plan where we develop the application work and associated measurements. This includes the timeline, responsibilities expected outcomes in terms of value demonstrated etc. 
  3. Applying the Work which is understanding the technical requirements to improve the asset condition and performance. Literally the nuts and bolts of the process.
  4. Capturing and publishing results Read More

In this short presentation view we will introduce the process

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